otrdiena, augusts 16, 2005

Jamie Zawinski

Jamie Zawinski ir pametis Linux pasauli un pārgājis uz Mac OSX

[..] in six months or so, the only Linux machines I’ll ever have to touch will have no video or sound cards in them at all.


“Back before you had heard of Netscape, I was responsible for the Unix versions of Netscape Navigator through release 1.1.”
“Before Netscape, I was primarily to blame for Lucid Emacs”
”...I was one of the folks who created and ran the Mozilla Organization during the first year of its life”
“But now I’ve taken my leave of that whole sick, navel-gazing mess we called the software industry. Now I’m in a more honest line of work: now I sell beer.”

Labs JZW raksts par kioskiem-termināliem http://www.dnalounge.com/backstage/src/kiosk/

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