otrdiena, augusts 16, 2005


Pēkšņi .. 1 miljona gadu laikā...
"The first eyes appeared about 543 million years ago - the very beginning of the Cambrian period - in a group of trilobites called the Redlichia. Their eyes were compound, similar to those of modern insects, and probably evolved from light-sensitive pits. And their appearance in the fossil record is strikingly sudden - trilobite ancestors from 544 million years ago don't have eyes."Un vispār - trilobīti (kas mūsdienu izpratnē bija primitīvi tārpi) tajā laikā bija valdošā suga."Trilobites' eyes allowed them to become the first active predators, able to seek out and chase down food like no animal before them"..
Katram laikam savi varoņi. :)


vēl labs :
"There is a reason we kiss potential mates - it's the most primitive way we know to check something out." un vēl:"sex is responsible for some of the most impressive biological spectacles on the planet, from mass spawnings of coral so vast that they are visible from space, to elaborate sexual displays such as the dance of the bower bird, the antlers of a stag and - according to some biologists - poetry, music and art. newscientist.com: http://www.newscientist.com/channel/life/mg18624941.700

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