ceturtdiena, septembris 01, 2005

Thin technologies

As a rule of thumb, an unswitched 100Mbps network can handle about a dozen thin clients;

My dear friend -- this is data that describes plain vanilla X11 connections. These may have been state of the art back in 1995. But now we have 2005. Today there exists a technology called NX which does a marvelous job in compressing X(11) and even VNC and RDP traffic. With NX a remote X connection becomes really usable even over 56kbps modem links, or ISDN. You can hardly tell the difference to a local session. NX can easily cram 1,000 NX ssessions into a 100MBit link -- because each one will run with a bandwidth consumption of 40 kkbps or less. And then the link is not even saturated yet. Make your LAN a switched one, and you go up to 8,000 sessions at the same time cramming into the 100Mbit cable.

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