piektdiena, decembris 09, 2005

Doma par KM no || kuro5hin.org

How IBM Conned My Execs Out Of Millions || kuro5hin.org: "One of the criticisms of Knowledge Management is that it is just a new way to sell the same old products. Vendors take an online message board, bundle it with an off-the-shelf document management system and an intranet search, call the whole thing a 'knowledge management system', and then sell it to you for millions. My take on knowledge management is that it's a good idea that's been overhyped and oversold, like Business Intelligence or Customer Relationship Management. "

How to Fund a Startup

How to Fund a Startup: "There are millions of small businesses in America, but only a few thousand are startups. To be a startup, a company has to be a product business, not a service business. By which I mean not that it has to make something physical, but that it has to have one thing it sells to many people, rather than doing custom work for individual clients. Custom work doesn't scale. To be a startup you need to be the band that sells a million copies of a song, not the band that makes money by playing at individual weddings and bar mitzvahs."