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Slashdot | Google Enters Web-Office Market

Slashdot | Google Enters Web-Office Market: "[-]
'At Google, we know.'
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by zenwarrior (81710) on Thursday March 09, @07:10PM (#14887258)

We know what you have. (You've indexed your hard drives.)
We know where you [and family] live. (All mark their homes on Google Maps.)
We know who you like; we know who you hate. (Chat & e-mail.)
We know what you buy. (Let's be frugal.)
We know where you go. (What's happening G-locally?)
We know when you sleep; when you awaken. (Usage analysis.)
And now, we know virtually all your thoughts & plans. (Using Writely?)

Motto: At Google, your world is our world."

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