svētdiena, oktobris 07, 2007

You can't trust authorities

There was then a fashionable type of program called an expert system, at the core of which was something called an inference engine... The books the professors wrote about expert systems are now ignored. They were not even on a path to anything interesting. And the customers paying so much for them were largely the same government agencies that paid thousands for screwdrivers and toilet seats.

99% of people reading Ulysses are thinking "I'm reading Ulysses" as they do it. ... What kind of book do you read and feel sad that there's only half of it left, instead of being impressed that you're half way through?

... you have to figure out for yourself what's good.

Copy What You Like


Starting a startup is hard, but having a 9 to 5 job is hard too, and in some ways a worse kind of hard.

The Future of Web Startups