piektdiena, janvāris 04, 2008


"Linux is only free if your time has no value." -Jamie Zawinski

trešdiena, janvāris 02, 2008

Kārtējais nekādais gads IT.

That is just one of many items in Dvorak's review of yet another 'disappointing' year in Technology.

Well, Dvorak is part of the "tech industry," so I guess it would be a paradox if his commentary were fantastic :)

That said, I have to agree that the thrill is largely gone. Even slashdot, the stories all seem to be something I've read before, and so do the comments. The late 90's, they were fantastic. But like the hippies after Woodstock, this is not the low point of a cycle -- it's over. Whatever "it" was, it will only return in a different form, and it will revolve around people other than us.

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