pirmdiena, janvāris 21, 2008

Hobijs vai darbs fabrikā?!

Software isn't a business. It's a hobby. Isn't it? Shouldn't it be? Dave Wayner famously said - when will Silicon Walley finally learn that great broducts are bult by people not companies. And I think we've tried to turn this into the factory work. And I do not like working in the factory. Do You?!

Steve Johnson on Software: Business or Hobby?

svētdiena, janvāris 20, 2008

MySQL nav biroju!

MySQL is 400 employees, without offices (their employees work from home), without a supply chain, no factories or real estate, and they have an engineering model and business process just about identical to ours.

So no, the integration won't be complex. It'll be quite straightforward.

(Dž. Svarcs)